Can the US Be Saved? Stream of Consciousness After Seeing ‘Where to Invade Next’

where-to-invade-next-poster_240_311_81_s_c1We are the world, we are the children… and Job One is to love our neighbor.

Finally saw Michael Moore’s latest documentary, Where to Invade Next. Let’s just say it hit me with a wallop: My immediate thoughts poured out of me, and I feel compelled to share them. Some of it is pretty harsh, and it may cost me friends or leave people assuming I am insane or unpatriotic or naive. I do not care. My care is for people, for the world, for our kids and grandchildren and for theirs. This rant is unvarnished, unedited, and absolutely honest. I pray you will leave your political shit at the door, read the following, see the film — and join the effort to make a better day. 

I’m telling you: Where to Invade Next is a must-see film. Seriously, see it. I am begging you, SEE IT; it’s on Netflix and iTunes now. Watch it with an open mind. If you’re Republican or Third Way Dem, try to put aside your feelings about exceptionalism and capitalism, just for a short space of time, and absorb what you see and hear. And try to forget that it’s Mike Moore; this is not about him. Please, please watch it: If you harbor the delusion that this is “the greatest country in the world,” prepare to have your eyes opened.

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Nashville Peace & Justice Center E-Blast April 26

The Nashville Peace & Justice Center regularly shares a listing of area peace-progressive events. We share it here, and the group encourages people to share the information widely. Please attend and support the events — do your part to help us all turn Tennessee purple!

Among the happenings in Music City this week, the local Showing Up for Racial Justice group meets tonight, a documentary on urban gardening screens, a lecture addresses the mixing of religion and politics, and NPJC hosts a discussion on welcoming the differently abled into the social justice activist sphere. There is lots more, so read on!

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Flint Water Crisis Spotlighted by Activist Media

Flint_Social_Water.Bottle_Watermark.jpgBrave New Films is at it again. The activist progressive media effort, known for promoting progressive changes and amplifying voices and views generally ignored by mainstream media, is turning its lens toward Flint, Mich., and the country’s looming clean water crisis.

Potentially thousands of people — many of them children — could be affected negatively for the rest of their lives because of the chicanery and lack of caring of their governmental representatives. High on the list of inhumanity are Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder and other state and city officials who, in the interest of saving money (and just not giving a damn about the little people) switched Flint’s drinking water supply to the heavily polluted Flint River, which contaminated the city’s water system with high doses of  lead. They did this in 2014 without notifying residents, who had no idea their water was poisoned for 18 months.

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Nashville Celebrates Earth Day 2016

mayor cleanupIt’s almost Earth Day, y’all!

This is the day each year we focus on the well-being of our home, our planet. The global environment-focused day of awareness and action, started by the United Nations in 1969, is marked officially this year on April 22. Nashville gets into the act on Saturday, April 23. If you care about our fair city and the health of our planet, join in the work, commemoration, and fun! Bring your neighbors, your friends, your kids — we all have a stake in this.

As part of marking Earth Day, Music City’s progressive Mayor Megan Barry is leading a brand new effort this Saturday to keep Nashville beautiful. I’ll let her tell you about it; keep reading.

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NY Goes to Establishment – So What? Bernie to the End!

bernieyallbuttonBernie Sanders was not victorious in the New York presidential primary.

So what?

That’s right — so what?

I am sitting in the GDPR studio, feeling… not thrilled, but resolute. Of course, I had hoped for a better outcome for this election, but New York obviously was going to be a tough nut to crack for a non-establishment candidate. Isn’t that what we outliers face every single day in these United States? Isn’t that what we deal with every damned day as progressives in red Tennessee?

Now is not the time to become depressed or complacent. This is not the time to become cynical. This for damn sure is no time to throw in any towels. This is an opportunity to take stock and find inspiration to re-energize for the battle that lies ahead.

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Activist Marching Orders – April 19

Teen activists Henry Seaton & Jennifer Guenst

The following are links to progressive-issue action alerts that found their way to The Armchair Activist’s inbox. We share them with you in the hope that you will get busy: Take action for a better world. And remember the words of Alice Walker: “Activism is the rent [we] pay for living on this planet.”

Today, we have an opportunity to show gratitude to those who helped bring about the end (for now) of the right wing Tennessee legislature’s threatened anti-transgender legislation, a call-out for electoral justice to Volunteer State superdelegates, one last chance to demand the closure of Tennessee’s health care coverage gap, a way to help those caught in the devastation of the Ecuador earthquake, and a petition to stand for sexual assault victims at Brigham Young University.

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