National Chicken Wing Day in Nashville

The author seeks to celebrate National Chicken Wing Day in Music City. Turns out finding a Nashville poultry special on this July 29 is tougher than it looks, but the day may end up being all kinds of delicious.

July 29-30 in Progressive Nashville


It’s a fairly quiet week for activist libs in Music City, but what’s happening is choice. Get out and about and work toward getting informed, supporting progressive candidates, and making a difference. And don’t forget: Early Voting in the Metro Nashville and Davidson County election is still underway.

Action Alert: Stand Against Villainous Puppy Mill


See this sweet doggie? Puppy mill Cornerstone Farms in Missouri features this adorable creature on its website to show how happy the dogs it raises are. Images, however, can be deceiving. You can take action to make sure that Cornerstone follows the law to ensure the safety of its animals or goes out of business.

July 24-26 in Progressive Nashville

This weekend promises a lot of food for thought for cerebral and intellectual liberals and progressives in Music City. Take some time out over the next couple of days and put your grey matter to work. You’ll also see an opportunity to help out a local socialist radio project. Make a difference.

Action Alert: Demand a Federal Probe of Sandra Bland’s Death


MoveOn needs petition signatures calling on the US Department of Justice to intervene and launch an immediate and independent federal investigation into Bland’s traffic stop, arrest, and death. This case may provide one more example of how African-Americans are treated by law enforcement in the United States. Demand credible, truthful answers.